About Translations

Hi! My name is Kozue Hinatsu, a Japanese writer. Thank you for visiting my blog!

It was one of my dreams to welcome readers from all over the world, so I’ve been developing the translation system since I started up this blog. In June, 2023, I changed the on-site translator into Google Translate, which I used to use some years ago.

Honestly, Google Translate has pros and cons. Its machine translations are MUCH better than the previous on-site translator, but I have no control over them. In other words, I can’t modify the translations at all. Not only the contents, category names, etc, it’s so annoying that even the site title is different from page to page! However, I thought that it is more important to international readers to learn the meaning of what I’m saying than the look of the site, so I decided to use Google Translate again.

Please note that it is possible that the sentences are unnatural – or even do not make sense at all – since they are 100% machine translations. So if you need to know the exact meaning, I advise you to read my original Japanese writing. To get the better translations into your language, please use a third-party translator you like or ask a Japanese speaker.

Thank you for your understanding and enjoy my blog!