About Translations

Thank you for visiting Free Verse of Kozue Hinatsu!

In April 2022, I happily started to test the on-site translation button to welcome readers from all over the world again. That’s what I’d wanted for years and I finally concluded that the sever environment caught up with the technical ideal. At this moment, I’m offering English.

Please note that they are basically machine translations, so it is highly possible that the sentences do not make sense. Although I’ve modified the translations for the site title, category names, etc, I cannot guarantee the accuracy and connotations of the translated contents.

So if you need to know the exact meaning, I advise you to read my original Japanese writing. To get better translations into your language, please use a third-party translator like Google Translate or ask a Japanese speaker.

I hope to make the translation system better, so when I change something about it, I’ll tell you on my Twitter.

Thank you for your understanding and enjoy my blog!