About Translations

Hi! My name is Kozue Hinatsu, a writer and blogger. Thank you for visiting my blog!

It was one of my dreams to welcome readers from all over the world, so I’ve been developing the translation system since I started up this blog. In June, 2023, I changed the on-site translator into Google Translate, which I used to use some years ago.

Honestly, Google Translate has pros and cons. Its machine translations are MUCH better than the previous on-site translator, but I have no control over them. In other words, I can’t modify the translations at all. Not only the contents, it’s so annoying that even the site title is different from page to page! However, I thought that it is more important to international readers to learn the meaning of what I’m saying than the look of the site, so I decided to use Google Translate again.

Please note that it is possible that the sentences are unnatural – or even do not make sense at all – since they are 100% machine translations. So if you need to know the exact meaning, I advise you to read my original Japanese writing. To get better translations into your language, please use a third-party translator you like or ask a Japanese speaker.

Thank you for your understanding and enjoy my blog!

If you’re interested in supporting my work, you can find my tip jar at Ko-fi, where I write every post in English. Thank you again!

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